Friday, 24 March 2017

Monday Morning by Hollie Thomas

Monday Morning
He picked a cup from in the cupboard,
Laid it on the granite counter.
He flicks the switch on the kettle
Chucks a teabag into the cup.
The sizzling and the rumble of the kettle,
The fingers tap side with impatience.
The rush of the water hitting the cup
Filling the contained space,
He placed it back on the latch and didn’t switch off the power.
He opened the drawer slowly,
He began to rustle around for the perfect teaspoon.
I heard the cupboard creak and the sugar was pulled out,
A heaped spoonful of grain was tipped in.
But he didn’t put it back,
The cupboard was still open.
He got milk from the fridge,
Unscrewed the lid and poured it in the tea,
But he left everything out.
He stirred the tea once or twice,
Then he poured it down his throat,
He put back the cup and left it half full.
He lifted a tin from his jacket pocket,
And his hand wrapped around a pipe.
His hat found its place on his head,
And his coat came with him.
He left the kitchen slowly.
The front door flew open and
The wind pushed through like an army of invisible horses.
The door shut behind him.
Tears welled in my eyes,
My dad always says goodbye with a kiss and a cuddle.
He wasn’t the same…

By Hollie Thomas 6NA
Inspired by Breakfast by Jacques Prevert

Friday, 9 December 2016

In the morning

In the morning

I woke up,
I got out of bed,
I slid my feet into my navy blue slippers,
I grabbed my dressing gown,
I went downstairs,
I reached up to the cupboard and took out a glass mug,
I switched on the kettle,
I pulled out the sugar,
Took off the lid,
I put two teaspoons of sugar in the mug,
I poured in the boiling water,
I dropped the teabag,
I fell,
I lay there until my son walked through the door,
Got down on his knees,
And cried.

by Lyla-Rose Garfoot
inspired by Breakfast, by Jacques Prevert 


Warning - don't put an ice pole in the toaster.
Warning - don't drink shampoo.
Warning - don't put a Barbie in the oven.
Warning - don't eat raw meat.
Warning - never get in a fight with a lion trust me.
Warning - don't eat chocolate and crisps together it doesn't go well.
Warning - don't put mustard in custard.

by Lyla-Rose Garfoot (Year 6)
Inspired by Warning by Niamh Midgley with a nod to Michael Rosen for the last line.

Christmas in Thirteen Objects

Christmas in Thirteen Objects

Christmas pud
Sleigh bells
Mince pies
Roasted spuds
Singing carols

That's Christmas in thirteen objects

By Niamh Midgley 6NB

Iona's poem

Iona is a monster.
My sister but a monster
Throwing toys - that's Iona
Kissing dolls - that's Iona
Waking up at four -that's Iona
Dancing like mad - that's Iona
Bath lover - that's Iona

I bet you're jealous because you don't have an Iona
I love you Iona
You're one in a million

By Niamh Midgley (Year 6)

Jaimy's Poem

Jaimy's Poem
My sister loves her phone,
she's on it 24/7.
she loves doing makeup,
she's really good at it,
but she's not allowed to wear it out of the house,
but she doesn't need makeup,
she is beautiful,
I love you Jaimy

by Lyla-Rose Garfoot (Year 6) inspired by Clive's Poem by Harriet Whitaker

Sonny's Poem

Sonny's Poem
My brother loves his Xbox,
he really does.
my brother loves beans on toast,
well - beans in a bowl,
toast on the side.
my brother is perfect in his world,
and mine.

By Lyla-Rose Garfoot (Year 6) inspired By Clive's Poem written by Harriet Whitaker